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Writing Samples: Print Work

Since beginning my communications career in the early 1990s, I have written and/or edited an array of print pieces. My work has ranged from creating technical training documents on metal cleaning to writing copy for promotional take-aways for a number of small businesses. On all my print work I focus on using clear and concise language that will most effectively bring the client's key messages to their target audiences.

Below are electronic snapshots of two print pieces I wrote:

  • Little Earth: A Community of Familes
    As a freelancer I was hired to write copy for a promotional brochure/folder for Little Earth, the oldest urban community for Native Americans in the United States. This brochure/folder is intended to be used by the community as a container for grant applications, press releases, and other promotional mailings.

    Please Note: The files linked below are in PDF file format. They are fairly large and may take some time to download.

    Brochure cover (PDF file)
    Inside page 1 (PDF file)
    Inside page 2 (PDF file)
    Inside page 3 (PDF file)
    Inside page 4 (PDF file)

  • Hamilton Wood Type: A History in Headlines
    In 2003 I was hired to write and edit a book for the Hamilton Wood Type Museum of Two Rivers, WI. Hamilton Wood Type was the leading manufacturer of wood printing type in the United States for much of the 20th century and the book was commissioned by the museum as a way to chart the history of the company and its effect on the printing industry.

    The book was designed by Blinc Publishing and Bill Moran, Blinc's leader, is a skilled letterpress printer who has worked closely with the museum since the museum's founding ten years ago. He was an invaluable resource as I pulled together the history of the Hamilton Wood Type company and described the impact the company had in the printing industry from its inception through the first half of the 21st century.

    The book is being sold by the Hamilton Wood Type Museum and is available through their website.

    Below is a copy of the book's title page, its Table of Contents, and a sample chapter. The files are in PDF file format and are fairly large, so they may take some time to download.

    Title page and Table of Contents (PDF file)
    Chapter 2, pages 14 and 15 (PDF file)
    Chapter 2, pages 16 and 17 (PDF file)
    Chapter 2, pages 18 and 19 (PDF file)
    Chapter 2, pages 20 and 21 (PDF file)

I also have samples of the following pieces in print form. Contact me at the phone number or email address above if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Revenews: Copies of the internal newsletter of the Minnesota Department of Revenue.
  • Department of Revenue At a Glance: a businesscard-sized fold-out piece with facts about the Minnesota state tax system and the Department of Revenue.
  • Survey and Summaries of State Legislation Relating to Pollution Prevention (1994, March). Minneapolis, MN. Waste Reduction Institute for Training and Applications Research.
  • With Terry Foecke, "Reassessing the Value of Pollution Prevention Planning Requirements." EI Digest (1994, January) 17 - 22.
  • "Are State Laws Motivating Business to Pursue Pollution Prevention?" Pollution Prevention Review (1993 - 1994, Winter) 61 - 70.
  • With Terry Foecke, "In the States: An Update on State Facility Planning Legislation and Programs." Pollution Prevention Review (1992, Autumn) 479 - 490.
  • "In the States: The Staffing of Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance Programs." Pollution Prevention Review (1992, Summer) 369 - 374.
  • "In the States: Technical Assistance Programs - Components and Services." Pollution Prevention Review, (1992, Spring) 235 - 241.