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Sweeney's Saloon

Sweeney's Saloon, a popular tavern and eatery in St. Paul's Summit neighborhood, hired Blinc to redesign its website. In addition to containing a food menu, information about and directions to the bar, the site is an important marketing tool for Sweeney's banquet services. The client asked to give the brand a little "edgier" feel by adding some irreverant humor to the site's design.

Link to a copy of the Sweeney's site from the Wayback Machine dated 12/19/2006.

Sweeney's Saloon home page


  • Create information design and site architecture.
  • Design navigation scheme.
  • Work with graphic designer to create visual design and page layout.
  • Create page templates based on approved page designs.
  • Build site.
  • Implement site on web services platform.


Blinc had been working with Sweeney's Saloon since 2004, helping it define it's brand and graphic identity, building the tavern's first website, and designing its menus and interior signs. My first work with Sweeney's came as a freelancer hired by Blinc to help design, code and launch that first website. This familiarity with the client and the structure of its existing site allowed me to reuse much of that site during the redesign process and help keep costs low.

Sweeney's has substatial banquet facilities and has been looking to build that portion of their business. I worked with the general manager to develop a relatively low-cost marketing approach that used press releases and their website to help them achieve this goal.