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Kothrade Sewer, Water and Excavating

Kothrade Sewer, Water and Excavating is a contractor providing building site-work and utility services in the northwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities. They hired Blinc to help them establish a brand and develop marketing materials, including a website.

Link to a copy of the Kothrade site from the Wayback Machine dated 2/7/2010.

Kothrade Sewer, Water and Excavating


  • Work with client to develop an approach and expectations for its online presence.
  • Create information design and site architecture.
  • Design navigation scheme.
  • Work with graphic designer to create visual design and page layout.
  • Create page templates based on approved page designs.
  • Work with client to help them develop marketing and other copy needed for new site.
  • Coordinate with existing IT services provider to set up web platform.
  • Collect content.
  • Build site.
  • Implement site.


Kothrade wanted to set up a basic marketing website to provide more information about their company's services and capabilities to potential clients. I worked with the owner to understand the kind of information clients would be interested in to understand the company's work experience. I also coached the client on how to connect with general contractors and building associations to help develop online linkages to their site through their relationships with these organizations.

The tight building market at the time affected Kothrade's business, leading them to pull back on some of the online marketing efforts we discussed as I developed their website. The company recently launched a new site.