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Highland Friendship Club

The Highland Friendship Club is a volunteer organization that provides social activities for teens and young adults with disabilities. In an effort to increase their outreach to disabled young people, as well as provide resources for parents and information about the Club to potential donors and volunteers, they hired Blinc to design a brand, graphic identity and build a website.

The site has since been redesigned.

Pic of Highland Friendship Club home page


  • Create information design and site architecture.
  • Design navigation scheme.
  • Work with graphic designer to develop visual layout.
  • Help client collect or create appropriate content to populate the site.
  • Manage project deadlines and deliverables.
  • Build site.
  • Work with client to select web services provider.
  • Implement site on new web services platform.
  • Train staff on maintaining the site using Adobe's Web Contribute software.


As a volunteer-led organization, the resources available to build and implement the Highland Friendship Club's website were very limited. We worked hard with the client to quickly assess it's short-term online needs and build a site they could expand easily as more budget and staff resources became available.

I discussed the use of web community tools (forums, online calendaring, You-Tube, bulletin boards) and a more sophisticated approach to their newsletter with Club leadership. The Club was interested in using some of these tools, but were unable to dedicate the staff time and resources to make them live with the redesigned site. I was careful to build the site in a way that will allow the site manager to roll these functions out with limited outside help.