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Golden's Deli

Golden's Deli of downtown St. Paul hired Blinc Publishing to sharpen its brand and improve its customer service and outreach efforts by combining its two functionally separate websites into a single online presence. The deli used a different service provider to set up a system allowing customers to order catered meals through the website and asked Blinc to combine this service with their menu/general information site to give them a comprehensive, one-stop site.

The site has since been redesigned.

Pic of Goldens Deli homepage


  • Create information design and site architecture.
  • Design navigation scheme.
  • Work with graphic designer to create visual design and page layout.
  • Gather graphics and artwork used on existing sites.
  • Create page templates based on approved page designs.
  • Work with client to develop marketing and other copy needed for new site.
  • Coordinate with firm providing online order functionality.
  • Collect content.
  • Build site.
  • Implement site on web services platform.


The two Golden's sites we were charged with combining into one were developed in a rather haphazard fashion using two different design shops and were served through two different domains by two separate service providers. I worked with the client to help them collect necessary information from its former vendors, assessing the propriety of its current ordering system and coordinating the ordering system with the more static portions of the site.

Golden's Deli decided to stay with the online ordering system they already had set up primarily because some customers were already using it to submit orders. I worked with the ordering service provider to move the static portions of the site onto their content management system.

The deli has since redesigned their site.