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Bacon and Associates

Bacon and Associates is a small management consulting firm that works primarily with public-sector and nonprofit agencies. Carolyn Bacon, the firm's principal, wanted to publish a small, brochure-ware site to give clients and potential partners information on her services and expertise. My work on this site was done as a freelancer.

Link to a copy of the Bacon site from the Wayback Machine dated 10/18/2006.


  • Create information design and site architecture.
  • Design navigation scheme.
  • Work with firm principal to develop site messaging goals, theme and brand voice.
  • Write all content.
  • Code page templates based on a design already developed by a graphic designer at Blinc Publishing.
  • Build site.
  • Implement site on a web services platform.


The project was Ms. Bacon's first exposure to online communication as the sole content provider. She had materials generated as part of specific projects, but no general marketing materials, so Ms. Bacon and I brainstormed a narrative and voice that reflected her firm's capabilities and approach. After reviewing select project materials, I wrote copy designed to be used with the website visuals developed by Blinc and used this material to build out the site.

The Blinc Publishing graphic design team had pulled together page designs and gotten them approved before I was brought into the project. I was able to consult with them about the navigation and labeling schemes. My primary challenge, after labeling was finalized, was to produce pages in HTML that exactly reproduced the approved layouts.

Ms. Bacon has retired and taken down her website.